The working women here are engaged with nature,spirituality and politics. Using the female figure as an iconic image, I take a common visual image and arrange it into conceptually layered pieces. Angel,goddess,queen... strong women roles. 

I've been exploring the mystique of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the cult status coming from Mexico. Various themes; sacred & pagen/ woman & mother/ goddess & queen. My Guadalupes are strong images,engaging you directly in their sights. Compassionate and comforting. I've expanaded into images of head studies, angels, queens as well as my Madonna of Tucson.

Traditional and not traditional roles for women; cowgirls, circus performers.

Madonna De Tucson
Floating Dress
Circus Showgirl
Circus Mystery
Circus Trapeze
Circus Fire
The Annunciation
Our Lady of Guadalupe no. 7
Our Lady of Guadalupe Number 6
Our Lady of Guadalupe # 2
Our Lady of Guadalupe Number 8
our lady of guadalupe no 12
Our Lady of Guadalupe No. 4
Our Lady of Guadalupe No. 3
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