Denyse Fenelon
I have always been interested in all aspects of art. I can't think of anything else that gives me as much joy as oil painting.
I remember an early art class, in third grade, we were going to draw apples. The instructor said to look at the shadows, that dark side of the apple was purple. I didn't see it then, but I started looking for the purple.
Along the way I experimented with various mediums from sculpture, ceramics, textiles & jewelry. Always looking at the colors, patterns, textures. Painting in oils is my medium, I like the buttery feel of the paints and the laying out of the colors.  The interplay between light & shadow is one of the most interesting aspects.
My "Chair" & "Barrio"series both explore objects and their shadows. An extension of this idea can be found in "The California" series which combines California architectural motifs with Magrittes "Empire of Lights" theme. 
Tucson and the Southwest light have inspired me to investigate Our Lady of Guadalupe- icon of the Southwest along with the historic architecture. In that vein I have expanded the use of female figures looking into their roles as spiritual leaders, godesses and political figureheads. I surround her with trappings of power or creatures from the natural world.
Plein air painting in and around Tucson, I feel a direct connection to the landscape. The rich history of the area is apparent in the barrio neighborhoods. The desert provides those sharp light contrasts I like. The quality of the light has expanded my color palette. I have found the purple.