Some of my favorite places to paint in Tucson are the barrio areas of town. The heart of Tucson can be found in the adobe homes and narrow lanes.

17th Street

Barrio Tucson

oil on board


Meyer Red
Camino Real
Placita Del Mesquite
Hotel Coronado Tucson AZ
Barrio Row Houses
Barrio Corner
Barrio House
17th st
Hay Barn
Bear Paw Ranch New Mexico
Ott House
Barrio Red House
Abandoned Red Truck
Barrio Doorway with Light
Barrio 395
jefe bret hartes house
blue house
Barrio Blue House
purple & yellow house
front my house
house with two doors
Green House w/Agave
Two Red Doors
Barrio Yellow Building
two blue doors
meyer south
placita del mesquite
Corner Market
Yellow House in Barrio
red house
Doorknob House Tucson barrio
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